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Asociación Española de Fundaciones



To fulfil its goals, the Spanish Association of Foundations offers the following activities and services to its associates:


Information and Communication

The Association generates, compiles and transmits the following information of interest to its members, mainly via e-mail or its website:

  •  Data base with updated information on call for proposals from public administrations (regional, state and EU level)
  •  Legal information (new legislation, foundations’ obligations, tax calendar, etc.).
  •  New book announcements
  •  Employment opportunities at member foundations
  •  Information on the foundation sector in other countries and other information that may be of interest to its members

A selection of this information is sent weekly to foundations in our newsletter. 32 Newsletters were sent in 2011. Since May 2012 the weekly newsletter is sent to both members and non-members the number of recipients being over 9.000.



The AEF currently publishes the following titles:

Cuadernos de la Asociación Española de Fundaciones is a magazine that analyses, reflects and communicates news from the foundation world. Three issues are published every year with a circulation of 3.000 copies that are sent to members, public authorities and the media. A digital version is available for members in website, plans for opening to the public at large are being taken into consideration.

Tribuna de la Asociación Española de Fundaciones summarises the main activities carried out by the Association. Four issues are published with a circulation of 2.000 copies which are sent to the associate foundations, public administration and media. A digital version is available in the website.

Other publications:

Yearbook of foundation Law: it has been published for the last three years including articles from members of the advisory council and other experts in foundation law.

“Management of Foundations” The first edition was published in January 2012 by Colex in collaboration with AEF. This book serves as a basis for the distance learning post-graduate course on Foundation Administration 



A tailored Consulting Service is available to all member foundations, with advice provided on legal, tax, accounting and documentation matters, while the service is usually provided over the phone or e-mail, meetings may also be arranged for more complex issues.

Document templates are available to facilitate administrative formalities and can be downloaded from the Association’s website. In addition, members are notified of all new legislation that may affect them through periodic communications.

Consulting: In 2011, the Association handled 1,096 legal and tax inquiries and 197 accounting ones


Another of the Association’s objectives is to meet the member foundations’ training needs and generally work to professionalize the sector. Accordingly, it designs a training programme each year (conferences, seminars and information sessions) on four main areas:

o Basic management training
o Legal issues, tax and accounting
o Communication
o Economics-finance

Most training events are seminars with durations raging between one morning to two days, with the exception of 2 long-term post-graduate courses organised in collaboration with universities.

In addition to the traditional on-site programmes, the Association also facilitates access of its members to online training in different subjects offered by other entities.

Of the 20 training events organized in 2011, most of them, (14) took place in Madrid. To satisfy the demand of training activities from foundations that are not located in the capital, the AEF organized in 2011 five seminars in other cities and tested remote access via streaming to a seminar organized in Madrid. In the future, AEF will continue working in the improvement of this, and other remote access options.

Training courses are also open to non members at a higher fee.

Training: In 2011, the Association organised, 20 training events attended by 662 professionals.

The VIII edition of a post-graduate course on Foundation Management, attended by 40 directors of Spanish Foundations.

VII edition of a distance learning post-graduate course on Foundation Administration attended by 60 professionals of Spanish foundations.



The Association signs agreements with companies and institutions so that they offer preferential conditions in the access of the associates to their products and services.

Among these are educational institutions, banks, travel agents, insurance and telecommunications services and express mail.


Interests Groups

The Association promotes working groups of associates whose activities and goals are similar or complimentary. All of them intend to promote the exchange of information, the collaboration, the initiation of projects of shared interest, and the establishment of flexible formulae which would allow to work better together.


Regional Councils

The member foundations in each Autonomous Community meet and work together in the form of a regional council (working group without a legal structure) with the objective of establishing more direct dialogue with the Regional Administration, strengthening and uniting the foundation sector in the different regions and receiving the Association’s services in a more direct manner.

Interest groups and regional groups are organised and their activities pursued with the staff of the Association. No delegations or other independent forms have been created.

192 foundations worked in 4 Sectorial Groups in 2011.

41 activities (meetings, events, etc.) attended by 339 foundations, were organized by the Regional Councils in 2011.

Support to setting up of new foundations

The Association provides support when setting up new foundations and offers legal, financial and management advice on the establishment process. This is the only consultancy service offer to non-members. AEF also advices the setting up of other juridical forms, when a foundation is not the most appropriate organisation for the founders plans.



Institute of Strategic Analysis of Foundations (INSAF)

The Institute of Strategic Analysis of Foundations (INSAF) is an initiative promoted by the Spanish Association of Foundations which basically aims at generating and disseminating knowledge about the Spanish foundation sector, thereby strengthening its ability to serve society.

It started in January 2010 with the objectives of promoting research and communication of information of the foundation sector.

• Research

The INAEF is born as an applied research project that seeks to respond in the short term to the following questions: Which are the main magnitudes of the Spanish foundation sector (number of active foundations, supervising authorities, income, expenditure, employment, volunteering, etc.)? ; Which is the profile of the founders in Spain? ; Which are the patterns of relationship between the foundation sector, government and business?; Which are the areas and types of activities prioritized by the Spanish foundations? ; Which are the main segments of (population) targeted as beneficiaries or recipients of their activity?; How are these variables geographically distributed?

• Communication

This second line will aim to providing Spanish society with accurate information about the foundation sector in all its aspects (social, economic and organizational), leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness of their philanthropic work.

Special attention will be given to the dissemination of knowledge about the foundation sector between special interest groups and foundations associated with the AEF, the media, supervisory and regulatory institutions that affect the sector, philanthropists and foundation managers.

In its first stage INAEF has focused on updating and improving AEF Database coming from three sources: foundations themselves, protectorates and social security. Our team has made the effort of validating and standardizing this information in only one database.

In its second stage INEF is using econometric methods to refine the analysis of this information.

Other studies:

AEF in collaboration with ONCE Foundation is promoting research on the economic impact of fiscal deductions for foundations which may serve as support for regulatory proposals.

Institutional Activity

One of the main goals of Spanish Association of Foundations is to be an instrument of combined reflection and decision making of the sector, and a representative voice before the Public Administration.

The main demonstration of this institutional presence is related to the legislative activity of the State and the Regional governments on foundational issues.

The Association outlines proposals and suggestions to the different projects drafted by the central or regional govenments, and it stays in touch with parliamentary groups.

This work can be entirely realized thanks to the permanent relation and feed back with the associates, which transmit their problems and daily management.




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