Asociación Española de Fundaciones

Asociación Española de Fundaciones




The Spanish Association of Foundations (Asociación Española de Fundaciones, AEF) was set up on January 22, 2003, when theTercera Conferencia General Foundation Centre and the Spanish Confederation of Foundations merged (both were national associations of foundations).

It is a private association of public interest, which brings together foundations from all geographical areas and disciplines. In 2003 AEF was created with 611 members and in July 2012 the number of members is 1059.

Despite its short history, AEF has inherited a legacy of more than 20 years’ experience and accomplishments from the two previous organisations. The Spanish Association of Foundations was constituted with the aim of offering more and better services to its associates, of contributing to a clear identification and a stronger influence of Foundations in our country, and of acting as representative of the foundational world under the legitimacy granted by its associates.



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General Assembly: it is the highest governing body of representation. It is composed of all associate foundations, which may exercise their rights through the representative they designate.
It meets twice a year, once in June to approve last year report of activities and annual accounts and once in autumn to approve next year budget and activity plan.

Board of Directors : it is composed by a maximum of 26 members and has a four year term limitation. The current one was elected in the General Assembly celebrated on June the 20th 2011.

It will meet whenever the President considers it appropriate or upon request of more than half its members. It will meet at least once every four months.

Board Executive Committee: It is the permanent body of governance, which will supervise all AEF activity and will assume any responsibility delegated by the Board of Directors.
It is composed by a maximum of eight members: President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and the members the Board of Directors designates. It is convened by the Secretary at the initiative of the President.

Its growing influence derived from the increase in the number of members and activities and its attitude of full transparency suggested the drafting of its own Code of Good Governance which was approved on December 2010.

New board initiatives:

Since the election of the new board a new working system has been established with members of the board holding responsibilities for specific issues. As result of it the following initiatives has been taken:

- International activities: increase bilateral co-operation with other associations of foundations in Europe and in the USA.

- Working group on Effectiveness Performance Measurements and Results. Objective: to help Spanish foundations evaluate the outcomes of their activities. The working group has already held two meetings. A previous experience of the interest group of social inclusion developing an auto evaluation document is serving as a guide.

- Working group on governance issues. Objective: to promote transparency and good governance practices among Spanish foundations. The group has prepared a number of recommendations and good governance practices which may serve as guidelines to any foundation that decides to draft its own Code of Government. The group intends to organize seminars on governance to raise awareness among Spanish foundations on these matters. The first one took place on 12th July 2012.

Management team:


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